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Cliff I. Mejia
Home Design and Remodeling
La Crosse, VA
Dreamlike bathrooms

Acreditation:LEED ID+C

Category:Bathroom/Bathroom desing

Category:Bathroom/Bathroom remodeling

Category:Bathroom/Bathtub Installation



The bathroom is now a place for rejuvenation, a zone of relaxation and true pampering. Whether it's a quick morning shower or a candlelit bath before bed, our wide range of bathroom, shower and accessory faucets allows you to create the bathroom of your dreams. Through the combination of superior technology and a selection of impressive designs, we will provide everything you need to renovate your bathroom. A wide range of solutions for the bathroom, shower, accessories and for toilet and bidet complement our collection, to create a coherent design throughout the bathroom. Services provided: Faucet Sales, Shower Sales, Sink Sales, Toilet Sales.

LEED Silver


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