3D designs of project


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  • Modern style
  • Gold
  • Fulfilled in 2016
  • Cambridge
  • Massachusetts

3D designs of project

Bedding and Bath
  • Sustainable sites icon Sustainable sites 1
  • Water efficiency icon Water efficiency 2
  • Energy and atmosphere icon Energy and atmosphere 3
  • Material and resources icon Material and resources 4
  • Indoor environmental icon Indoor environmental 5
  • Regional priority icon Regional priority 6
  • Location and transportation icon Location and transportation 7
  • Integrative process credits icon Integrative process credits 8


Our work focuses on converting into real images what our clients imagine, always from the maximum professionalism and offering a number of details that bring the initial project closer to reality.

With experience in this sector for more than a decade, working especially for other architects, interior designers, industrial engineers, builders etc. Always thinking about customer satisfaction because that is the best guarantee of success. Quality, speed and rigor are some of the characteristics of my work but, as they say that there are only six seconds to capture the customer's attention, an image is worth a thousand words.

We help you to make your project come alive with photorealistic images with which the clients will understand your ideas the first time.

Home Improvement
Rose D. Howard
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