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Neighborhood with green building

by William L. Sanders

Neighborhood with green building


  • Arizona
  • Phoenix
  • Fulfilled in 2016
  • Contemporary style
  • Platinum


Design and direct work teams that work with the passion that feels towards the world of the development of sustainable and friendly neighborhoods with pedestrians.

Both autonomously and associated with other collaborators or studios, we focus on a continuous search for new professional challenges that allow us to follow and like in a competent and innovative way.

We take care of the entire process. From start to finish, it is adjusted to the maximum in the budget and making each project unique and special.

Planning, design and development.


  • platinum94
Home Design and Remodeling
William L. Sanders
LEED AP ID+C icon LEED AP ND icon 
William is a recognized authority and leader in the field of sustainability and green building. As a life‐long construction industry professional he has worked on a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential projects and has unique expertise in green building products, applications and installation techniques.

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