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Quality sustainable closet

by Scott M. Tubbs

Quality sustainable closet


  • Connecticut
  • Hartford
  • Fulfilled in 2016
  • Modern style
  • Certified


We create exceptional products, of high quality, reliable and flexible. We listen to the needs of each client and we give customized solutions to your space problems.

When a client invests in one of our sustainable cabinet designs, he is not only buying a better closet or dressing room, but he is also buying time. Time for leisure. Time to think. Time to relax.

We believe that when we organize a client's closets, we are at the same time, in some way, organizing their lives. We have developed our philosophy in the same way as our business - listening to our customers and taking good note of their needs.

In view of the continuous increase in the price per square meter of housing and the constant increase in properties, we are obliged to invest in accessories capable of making the most of the space available to us. This means that a well-organized wardrobe is no longer a frivolous whim: it is a necessity.


  • certified47
Home Design and Remodeling
Scott M. Tubbs
LEED AP BD+C icon LEED AP ID+C icon 
Scott has a degree in Construction Management from Michigan State University, and has over 40 years of experience in the commercial construction industry. He is a faculty member providing Building Operator Certification training for the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance.

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