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Repair and installation of roofs

by Rose D. Howard

Repair and installation of roofs


  • Massachusetts
  • Cambridge
  • Fulfilled in 2016
  • Classic renovated style
  • Gold


We listen to your needs, we advise you because we have the ability to offer all the services and professionals your project needs. From architects, through all the services of execution of work, to finish with the interior design and decoration of your home. Selected according to your style. All at your service to create a unique space.


  • Sustainable sites iconSustainable sites9
  • Water efficiency iconWater efficiency9
  • Energy and atmosphere iconEnergy and atmosphere9
  • Material and resources iconMaterial and resources9
  • Indoor environmental iconIndoor environmental9
  • Innovation iconInnovation9
  • Regional priority iconRegional priority9
  • gold63
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Rose D. Howard
LEED AP O+M icon LEED AP ID+C icon LEED AP Homes icon 
Rose is a Project Architect with over 10 years of diverse experience encompassing a variety of project types. She has strong technical, technological and management expertise.

She has a comprehensive background in the development of multi-family, healthcare, hospitality and government projects. She provides leadership and pushes for excellence and quality of all deliverables.

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